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The 5 Wonderian Love Languages

Ever heard of The Five Love Languages? It’s a 1992 book by Gary Chapman that introduces and details five ways people express and experience love. Despite targeting romantic relationships, it does offer valuable insights on dealing with friends, family, and coworkers too. For instance, once one commits to becoming a Wonderian, they can be sure they will both witness and be on the receiving end of a lot of love. Mind you, it will not be expressed through the usual hugs, gifts, and such. Rather in more unconventional ways that we all end up mastering.

Here’s how we do it!

1- Food: Barbecues on our terrace, corn popping in the microwave, new snacks to discover every week, and most importantly ordering lunch for an army when there’s only four of us.

In an office where:

  • Care for a snack?
  • What’s for lunch?
  • Aren’t you hungry?

are the questions we ask most on a daily basis, food is the undeniable winner when it comes to bonding at WonderEight. And don’t get us started on that notorious period where every new recruit would automatically put on 5 kilos within a month of their arrival!

2- Learning: Whether we’re sharing articles and insights on our WhatsApp groups, attending workshops and trainings together, or sitting down to discuss the week’s craziest world news and latest artist feuds at lunch time, discovering new things and learning together plays a huge part in growing together and growing closer. We even have a space dedicated for studious days and activities. It does feature a foosball table too, but that’s for other days.

3- Laughter: Jokes and pranks sure have a prominent place in our interactions; so much so that we launched our very own internal magazine to keep track of them all. From our very own catalog of gifs and the stickers populating our WhatsApp chats to playing the most outrageous pranks on each other i.e. literally staging an earthquake and forcing colleagues to evacuate by running down 30 floors, Wonderians sure believe in the power of laughter when building strong bonds.

4- Support and Praise: We see them as two sides of a same coin. Whether we’re all at the office, scattered around the globe, or working from home / café / bed, the Wonderian’s schedule is peppered with team calls discussing our state of mind, quick mental health check-ins, and a whole lot of celebrating everything from a post gone viral to locking another great project is a good reason for us to get the pompoms out on the agency’s WhatsApp groups and terraces.

5- Outings: Doing things together outside work is what ultimately brings us closer together as colleagues. When pandemics aren’t forcing us to stay home, our love of fun and outdoors activities has us camping, building piñatas, jumping on trampolines, and yes, going for after work drinks too. And that’s how most of us end up becoming actual friends.

Here you go, a list of all the ways Wonderians show and share love. But we could’ve summed it all up in our two-word motto: that infamous “Play Seriously” that drives us in every single thing we do, from the biggest projects to the chillest Thursday afternoons at the office.

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