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The 21 Things That Fueled Our Creativity In 2021

There’s no better way to wave a year goodbye than by coming up with one last list! And because 2021 has been all about blank canvases of opportunities, finding new bearings and sticking to old habits that bring us joy, we choose to share with you all the tiny beautiful things that fueled us during the past 365 days.


We came back to the office

  1. Seeing loved faces live, beyond Zoom video calls and emojis
  2. Filling our garden with happy hungry faces and animated lunch breaks
  3. Overdosing on coffee breaks, snacks and laughter


We set the stage for new ways of working

  1. Taking our laptops and Wonderian spirit and working from new places
  2. Taking over the company’s Instagram to share our cities of adoption
  3. Getting inspired by new views
  4. Getting on all time zones all-stars calls
  5. Spreading one culture across offices and home offices


We spent quality time as a team

  1. Bringing back our team outings and fun times
  2. Bringing back our beloved Wonderer!
  3. Pushing our limits
  4. Meditating in a circle – and what an exercise that was!
  5. Aligning our vision around a bonfire


But most importantly, we played seriously

  1. On shoots
  2. On the terrace
  3. And anywhere in between
  4. Made sure to include our four-legged furry friends in the process
  5. Imagining a world of wonder
  6. Then creating it
  7. And celebrating every small milestone along the way
  8. Together


We don’t know about you, but we’re ready for 2022!

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