Agency WonderEight Opens Its First Overseas Branch in Dubai

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Oct 2014


In a press statement, Beirut-based branding and interactive agency, WonderEight, announced today that it has opened its first overseas branch in Dubai, making its first expansion move outside of Lebanon.

The agency has quickly grown its portfolio of clients over the past two decades, offering brand creation and consultancy services, and specializing in restaurant and hospitality branding – having worked with more than 60 restaurants and hotels worldwide, starting from Beirut, Dubai, Kuwait, KSA and the MENA region, and reaching Canada, the USA, Paris and London. Now, with the launch of its Dubai office, WonderEight is hoping to get closer to its GCC clients and to deliver more comprehensive, on-the-ground solutions.

WonderEight’s roster of clients in the UAE already includes Ocean Spray, Baker & More, Kris Kros, Classic Burger Joint, and Microsoft. The agency’s 1,600 square-meter offices Dubai office is located on Sheikh Zayed road, directly facing the Emirates Towers. “The World Expo 2020 being hosted in Dubai, the agency hopes to seize the opportunity by landing big clients like renowned upcoming hotels, and taking on exciting projects like branding the new metro extension, and why not an entire new city,” WonderEight says in the statement.

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