Visual Alphabet Workshop

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Sep 2013

WonderEight hosts a design/photography workshop given by creative director Karim AbouRizk.

The workshop raises the question of digital vs. manual design. In a world flooded with fleeting messages, the designer’s role is to make each message so distinctive as to raise people’s sympathy. Participants were invited to create a visually strong alphabet using selected materials, the results being captured in a photograph. “It isn’t as easy as it looks,” explains Karim, “with time, they grew more conscious of their limitations as they realized that they couldn’t scale the existing objects with a mouse click!”

To the participants, it was a great journey back to the roots. Photoshop was a tool for enhancement rather than creation. Some even admitted they had forgotten how freeing it is to play.

WonderEight recently relocated its offices to a new space comprising an art gallery, an atelier and a learning box for constant lectures and workshops.

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