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Opinion Piece

Packing Our Suitcases – 2020 A Year In Review

This trying year has finally come to an end and we’re packing up. Don’t worry, we’re not going far, just to Morrow. And as we’re sitting here, cross-legged in front of our suitcase, we thought we’d share a few tips, most important being: If it didn’t serve you in 2020, it probably won’t next year, or the one after. So here’s what we’re folding, even taking in spares for the journey lying ahead:

  1. Adaptability: Darwin calls it “survival of the fittest”; we say it’s a mix of curiosity and flexibility in accompanying change. A bit of foresight doesn’t do anyone any harm either: Covid or not, we’ve been forecasting the digital shift and importance of customer experience both inside and outside a business’ premises for ages. In a way, the pandemic has acted as a catalyst, but we’ve been helping you make the transition for quite some time. This is why, when time came to step up our online game and go from three posts a week to three a day, you and us were already a well-oiled team that knew where it was heading instead of scrambling for crumbs of online visibility. And so adaptability is definitely a must-have in our books, especially given the ever-shifting world we live in.
  2. Empathy: whether as employers, team members or service providers, this year taught us a lot about understanding others’ realities: it wasn’t easy taking our offices home and figuring out what work-life balance really means beyond a trendy self-dev concept. It wasn’t simple insuring our business and yours would make it through, let alone thrive during this rollercoaster of a year. It wasn’t simple predicting consumers’ habits when we could barely understand our own mood swings and feelings. Yet we did it, one day at a time. And we succeeded at it because, beyond it all, we stayed human and acknowledged the emotions of each and every player along the way. In short, do try to walk a mile in their shoes.
  3. Listening: Up until recent years, brands would talk and talk and talk some more, never truly appreciating the benefits of dialog. With the pandemic overturning the tables and setting new rules, businesses truly got the chance to take part in a two-way conversation and go towards their clientele. Not only did the brand experience shift from brick and mortar to cyber, it also had to invite itself in the customer’s own home, thus requiring a true understanding of needs and expectations in order to avoid being intrusive. We’re talking about data, algorithms and other fancy terms, sure. But it all goes back to information – the actual key to success. And to get it, you must be listening.
  4. Positivity: Don’t cringe please. Beyond the cheesy term, positivity is what kept us afloat in 2020. We called it “celebrating small victories”. It went from a post going above and beyond to a client gaining market shares. At the end of the day, it was all about playing our part in alleviating as much of your stress as possible. More than just an item in a suitcase, positivity is the fuel that keeps you going. And no need to be a cars fanatic to know that good clean fuel will always take you further.
Just like that, we’re ready to set sail. We wanted to take this moment to put down in words what a pleasure it is to have you on board and as part of the voyage. Here’s to new adventures and widening our horizons together.

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