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Our News

Future Food-Tech: Writing the Story of Tomorrow’s Meals


For two decades and more, WonderEight has built its reputation by creating and developing industry leading F&B brands and working with world-loved leaders in the food industry. This journey was fueled by our never-ending curiosity to keep exploring new frontiers, discovering new food trends, and digging into research and data driven insights. But no amount of research can compare to physically meeting the people behind these trends and ideas at San Francisco’s Future Food-Tech summit.


This world-class event sheds light on the world’s most disruptive projects and technologies that are reshaping our food system. Ingredient innovation, AI and robotics, genetics, and sustainable packaging; it was all part of the exciting program, offering a deep dive into this fascinating industry that strives to solve one of our era’s most pressing challenges: our planet’s growing environmental crisis.


The end goal is crucial, exciting, and daunting all at once: produce sustainable food to cater for our planet’s ever-growing population, whilst being kind to it and finding ways to lessen the pressure we exert on it. Hence the importance of innovating in food and joining forces with the great minds that are making it all happen. With some of the companies in attendance committing to halt the progress of deforestation, lower our carbon footprint, decrease our water usage, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or develop circular economies, it’s safe to say this battle needs to be waged on more than one front.


And the list of innovations aiming to move things forward is nothing short of exciting and ambitious.

  • It made us dream – We’re thinking Nobell’s pledge to make awesome melting cheese without the cows.
  • It made us stop and think – What’s standing in the way of us adopting protein from insects, as suggested by Ynsect?
  • It made us stand in awe of technology’s advancements – Labs are cultivating flavors and tastes to satisfy all cravings, like Incredible Food’s FoodBerries
  • It got us excited for the future – We can’t wait to see our food being “fermented” in front of us like in a brewery thanks to Ginkgo Bioworks’ next generation of yeast.


But also, we can’t wait to play our part in helping the movers and shakers of this industry reach more and more people and educate the world on the importance of their mission for each and every person living on this planet.

Post-pandemic, the gap is closing between people, their food and the planet. This has prompted a high level of acceleration in the Foodtech industry and it is crucial to bank on this momentum to build a strong ecosystem made of tech, tools, ingredients, images, and words that will tell the new story of food. And we’re all fired up and eager to make it happen!

Check out the summit’s website

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