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Opinion Piece

Beyond Guesses & Predictions, Here Are Our 2021 Digital Forecasts

After 2020 being so, well, you know…, no one is willing to put their prediction skills to the test just yet. However, we’re ready to bet on a few things:

  • The customer is taking center stage and if there’s one thing customers like, it’s feeling like this email, post, product was made for them and them alone – 2021 is the year of target audiences and customer personas.
  • Our teams and customers are staying home for some time which means face-to-face communication won’t be on the menu for a few more months. You can give your marketing team two thumbs up: one for insisting you increase your online presence, the second for that revamping of your packaging that did come in handy when digital and delivery became the new norm.
  • Talking about digital and delivery, did you get to work on your eCommerce platform? If COVID-19 did not push you to sell online, 2021 is your last chance to jump on the bandwagon and take eCommerce market share! With people spending their days at home mostly scrolling, sales coming from Mobile phone are now at 40% and bound to grow steadily. And although online markets are taking over platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp, eCommerce enabled websites will remain main income generators.
  • It’s time to walk it like you talk it and customers will want to see how all these pretty statements about diversity and inclusion, responsible consumption, empowering women and the youth, embracing a healthy lifestyle, actually translates into action beyond the flashy campaigns and statements. How will your brand partake in the changes your community is going through? (increase social responsibility)
  • Building relationships and staying connected will remain at the core of any brand success. Heart-to-heart, mind-to-mind, a simple and authentic message will always go a long way.
Now it’s all about using this piece of information to give yourself the means to succeed, no matter what 2021 throws our way.

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