Rue Du Liban – Mumbai Got Served

Rue Du Liban – Mumbai Got Served

Client Rue Du Liban - Zaytoun, Task Total Brand Creation, Industry Restaurants, Bars & Cafes, Region Asia, Created 2018,

The Brief

We were on to create a Levantine eatery brand in the heart of Mumbai’s upcoming art district, locale for other cafés and small artisan restaurants. The challenge was to design a place that appealed to art savvy people with a sophisticated taste while keeping it accessible and modest like the cuisine it offers. Since Levantine cuisine was not yet familiar to this dining scene, our concept needed to attract the Mumbai crowd and spark enough curiosity for them to come by and try the new cuisine.

Rue Du Liban – Mumbai Got Served
Rue Du Liban – Mumbai Got Served

The Solution

“Rue du Liban” portrays Beirut’s typical urban architecture and cultural feel. Together with the architects on board, we looked for authentic decor and art pieces which were sourced locally in Beirut and sent to Mumbai where they would furnish the restaurant. Certainly, the logo was inspired by the street numbering style of Beirut and the lines of an era influenced by the Art Deco movement. From there, the corporate identity aligned with the concept. Our branding involved all the deliverables of a fine dining restaurant, from signage to menus, bill holders, uniforms and even table cloths. The list was full and yet the style was chic and minimalist. The menu was tuned to the tastes of the region, offering mostly vegetarian mezze with an organic presentation.

Rue Du Liban – Mumbai Got Served
Rue Du Liban – Mumbai Got Served
Rue Du Liban – Mumbai Got Served

The Result

“Rue Du Liban” turned out a one-of-a-kind upmarket Levantine eatery, unmatched in the F&B scene of Mumbai. The city’s hip clientele came in for the design and stayed for the mezze. “Rue du Liban” set a standard in Mumbai’s up-beat dining spot.

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