Dunlop – Guerilla Activation

Dunlop – Guerilla Activation

Client Dunlop, Task Marketing & Communication Campaign, Industry Consumer Goods, Region Lebanon, Created 2012,

The Brief

Dunlop approached us needing help depleting their excess stock of car batteries. They had launched a product awareness promotion where each tire purchase would get a car battery for free. We were aware that the market was filled with counterfeit low-end products that attracted our customer base with their prices. So we needed to make sure that our strategy was as effective and convincing as possible.

Dunlop – Guerilla Activation
Dunlop – Guerilla Activation

The Solution

We identified our target audience and discovered that they usually don’t respond to auto part campaigns, yet are rather influenced by their mechanics’ advice. We needed a hands-on approach, so went for guerrilla marketing. Our campaign took it to the streets with a series of focused messages on a simple layout. Our first design was a yellow cardboard tire cap cover that gave the immediate alert that the tire needed to be changed. We used a straightforward and relatable tone of voice with a message that read “is it time to change your tire?” on the front, but once removed the back revealed a message that read “change the tires and the battery is on us”.
Along the same theme, our second design was sticker placed in many strategic locations with the slogan “Allah maa’ dweleebak” which literally translates to “God be upon your tires” indicating that it was time to be out with the old tires and in with the new.

Dunlop – Guerilla Activation
Dunlop – Guerilla Activation

The Result

The campaign became a buzzword in no time. It developed a direct relationship between Dunlop and the customers where they felt that the brand is accessible directly, not only through mechanics and garages. It was such a hit that Dunlop ran out of batteries before the end of our campaign!

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