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WonderEight Opens In Dubai With A ROAR!

Clipped from
May 2015

WonderEight will be offering 500,000 AED worth of Branding services to locally developed Boutique Hotels in its goal to support the 200 upcoming hotels that will open before the Expo 2020! This offer will be valid starting December 2015. “Whenever we have the chance to create new brands, we dive in, head first!” says Walid Nasrala, co-founder of W8. WonderEight has recently opened its new offices in Dubai, in its plan to better serve the UAE and GCC clients, amongst which are a boutique hotel in Kuwait and a 4-star hotel set to open in Dubai as well as other major Arab cities. This endeavor paves the way for more interesting and enriching collaborations, by becoming more accessible and delivering more comprehensive, on-the-ground solutions. “Dubai is setting expectations high, and although its Hotel and Hospitality sectors excel in services and amenities, Branding and Brand experience still has a way to go. And this is where we come in.” explains Boudy Nasrala, Managing Partner of W8. Sprawling along all fields of design, WonderEight’s portfolio spans two decades of brand creation and consultancy. Also specialized in restaurant and hospitality branding, it has garnered the success of more than 68 restaurants and hotels worldwide starting from Beirut, Dubai, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait and the entire MENA region and reaching as far Canada, the USA, Paris and London. WonderEight’s Dubai offices are in the heart of the city, on none other than Sheikh Zayed road. Directly facing the Emirates Towers, the 1,600 sqm bespoke design offices are fully equipped with teleconference capabilities and a direct connection to Beirut’s headquarters. Looking forward, WonderEight aims to reach out to more thriving industries and to explore new branding and interactive territories in a landscape characterized with cultural heritage and international influence.  

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