Sultan Alasmari

Performance Media Specialist



Performance Marketing Specialist – Man with a Plan “Let’s choose the right ingredients and create an outstanding campaign that will leave your audience hungry for more.” ... Sultan joined the team in 2023. Armed with his expert media buying skills, he hit the ground running, playing a crucial part in making sure our clients’ mega-campaigns reach their targets, audience, and optimal results. Before landing in WonderEight, Sultan gained experience working with a wide array of high-profile entities, from governments to banks and retail groups. As a digital executive, he oversaw every aspect of each campaign including creative work and social media to the media buying process. When he's not bringing his marketing A-game, Sultan can be found capturing memories whenever they strike him. He's also got a serious case of wanderlust and loves to hit the road, and no matter where he goes, he's always got his favorite tunes in his earbuds. But don't let Sultan's love of food, photography, and music fool you - he's a marketing force to be reckoned with!