Shouq Al Hamzani

Social Media Executive



Shouq Alhamazani Social Media Executive – Top of the Digital Hill “Pick a track and a lens, conquer that mountain top, then capture the moment.” ... Shouq joined the WonderEight adventure in 2023. As a member of our stellar social media team, she plays her part in crafting thumb-stopping content that aligns with the latest digital trends and captivates online audiences, no matter the brand at hand. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Media, with a dash of PR and political science from King Saud University, Shouq went on working on exciting projects, such as the Joy Awards 2023, in addition to working with the Saudi Football Federation and organizing trips in collaboration with Happy Season. Outside office hours, Shouq unleashes her love of adrenaline: from climbing organizing hiking trips, she's a true sports enthusiast. With her camera, she makes sure to immortalize each and every breathtaking moment