Noor Serhan

Art Director



Art Director – Fuels on Sketches and jazz ... “I’m always carrying a fictional suitcase filled with ideas and imagery – fruits and chocolates too, but that’s for snacking.” Noor joined us in 2022 as an Art Director and brainstorming sessions have never been the same again. This one loves coming up with 360 campaigns, everything from ideas and concepts to activations, design and art direction. So yes, your brand has landed on the right desk. After obtaining a degree in Art Direction from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts, Noor has honed her skills in both multinational corporate agencies in Dubai (such as Havas and VMLY&R) and Beirut (at Ogilvy and TBWA). She has freelanced for some time, handling all by herself the load of an entire agency. Now she gets to experience the best of both worlds! When she’s not solving WonderEight’s latest creative puzzle, our certified theta healer fuels on jazz classics, drawing New York buildings, black coffee, and the sound of rain. It’s all in the details.