Maha Ibrahim

Creative Arabic Copywriter



“So you see, reading a good written piece is like taking the first bite of a perfect dish. And writing it is like cooking.” ... Maha joined our team in 2021 and has been putting her love of the mother tongue at the service of global brands wanting to speak to locals, and local brands wanting to sound like their audience. Piece of cake for she who has been passionate about the Arabic language since childhood. We’re talking writing poetry kind of passion! Without really planning to pursue this passion as a career path, Maha found herself working as a creative content writer, collaborating with major companies and international brands such as Evian, Jotun Middle East, Expo 2020, Smart Dubai and many more. Beyond her mastery of the Saudi dialect, she has a talent for finding the right words that will make any Arabic-speaking brand sound true online. Needless to say, this one writes outside working hours too – there aren’t any daily word limits where Maha comes from. But to us, she’s first and foremost the team’s foodie extraordinaire, best friend of all cravings and dreaded enemy of all diets!