Laureine El Hindy

Senior Accountant



Senior Accountant – The Happiness Equation ... Wherever you go, Go with all your heart, and don’t forget the cash – that helps too” Laureine joined WonderEight in 2022 as our Senior Accountant. In a nutshell, she is the one making sure clients actually pay us for our hard work, keeps track of what we need to pay, deals with the banks, handles the cash, and manages trip expenses – which results in chasing the traveling team quite a lot! For this one, it all started with a bachelor's degree in business administration filed in accounting. She then made numbers make sense across the board, working for a construction company, an exhibition company, and an audit firm before landing at our doorstep. • When she’s not in front of her screen, Laureine fuels on workout sessions and time spent with friends. Swimming, boxing, hiking, and nature yoga are but a few of the activities that keep her grounded and prep her to crush it come Monday.