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  • Brand Strategy
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  • Packaging & Collateral Design
  • Environmental Branding


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Digital & Technology

  • Digital Audit
  • Digital Strategy
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Branding encompasses all the actions you take to build a powerful and unique presence for your brand in order to stand out from the competition and reach the right audience.

It goes beyond picking the right color palette, logo, font and tone of voice. Rather it is about adopting a consistent theme and approach across all your customer touchpoints. In short, good branding can trigger the gut feeling that will turn people who accidentally stumble upon your product, post or premises into loyal customers.

Much like people, brands have identities and personalities of their own. They behave, dress, and talk differently depending on the situations they’re in. But at their core, they remain the same no matter where they are.

Also like people, companies – as well as the services and products they offer – are perceived in a certain manner. This perception, alongside the experience and bond customers build with you, is your company’s . And we all know it’s easier to connect with people, and therefore brands, when they are consistent and authentic.

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Keep in mind Branding is a verb and verbs mean action.

  • When you define your brand personality, values and essence, that’s branding
  • When you pick your name and design your logo, that’s branding
  • When you choose your target audience and the tone of voice it will relate to, that’s branding
  • When you renovate premises to match your brand guidelines, that’s branding

Brand audit

–The Where, Why and How of your brand

This is the discovery phase where we get to meet your brand and make the necessary market research to bridge the gaps and take your business to the next level. We’ll assess your position to better understand your strengths and weaknesses. Not only will this help you grow even stronger, it will also allow for a good panoramic view of your brand as a whole and a good base to build the branding strategy on.

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Brand strategy

–The Where, Why and How of your brand

A logo, name, and social media calendar is not a strategy. Our goal as an agency is to establish your brand long term. To do so, we gather market insights as well as your own and crunch the data to design your brand’s personality, values, essence and purpose. By answering the right questions from the get-go, we also set the stage for the creative team to work their magic and turn it all into the right concepts, content, and visuals.

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Brand creation and visual identity

It is true that branding has come a long way since its mere encompassing of finding the right name and symbol, but one does need to start somewhere. Whether you’ve just had your Eureka moment and need a logo and a name, squint at color combinations like you’re trying to crack some code or think fonts haven’t evolved since Times New Roman 12, we got you covered. There’s a subtle combination between science and intuition that will allow us to design the perfect corporate identity for you. Yes, that brand strategy plays a key part in the process too!

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Packaging design and collaterals

Before we talk inside or outside the box, let’s start with the box itself. It’s a key differentiator on shelves and does play a crucial part in the overall brand experience. Once we design the visual identity, it is time to turn it into tangible touchpoints that will accompany customers along their brand journey. From packaging and delivery boxes to menu design, business cards and brochures, if it’s yours we’ll put your special touch on it!

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Environmental design

Your premises are as important as the experience or product you are offering. Luckily, this visual identity we were talking about earlier has a few more tricks up its sleeve. It will help us put together your very own mood board which will in turn serve to provide our partner interior designers –or yours –with a bulletproof road map to execute your vision and design the best space for your brand. Whether a restaurant or a shop, we’ll help set the stage to set the mood and drive traffic and sales.

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Increase leads and revenue

Creativity resonates with your audience and will quickly establish trust and credibility for your brand

Develop brand awareness

Creativity resonates with your audience and will quickly establish trust and credibility for your brand

Improve audience engagement

Creativity resonates with your audience and will quickly establish trust and credibility for your brand

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