IDM, the biggest Internet Service Provider in Lebanon had an image problem: All its competing Internet service providers had roughly the same look and communication strategy. We had to show that IDM was different. The birth of 'Skoodo' brought internet technology from outer space! The character created a strong bond between internet users and the brand, and combined the brand with the service. Skoodo quickly became the brand ambassador and appeared in a 6-month campaign covering outdoor media, radio, TV, YouTube, direct marketing events (as a real mascot), BDL and promotional ite ad another challenge, they were launching a new service (ADSL) and so were all other ISPs, who where going to offer the same service at the same price. We had to sell the ADSL service as a brand, not only as a service. W8 created IDM ADSL, linking the service to the brand and differentiating it from all other ADSL services. Although competition was fierce and even disloyal in some cases, W8's communication strategy and brand image kept IDM in its #1 position as ISP in Lebanon and increased its brand awareness by 10 folds, keeping marketing budgets affordable.

  • TASK Total Brand Creation
  • REGION Lebanon
  • CREATED 2009